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Massengill, Nelson and Tolbert

Nancy Harrison Brooks
Febuary 10, 1810
Febuary 20, 1854​

Three generations for Bennett Massingile.

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​When I was a child, four of us slept in one tiny bedroom. Mom and I slept in one bed and my two aunts slept in the other one.

Often at night when we were all in bed, my grandmother would come and lay down at the foot of one of the beds and talk to us or pray for us. No matter that she'd gotten up in the wee hours of the morning and had worked hard all day long, she seemed to bring a calm into the room and made us all feel safe and secure always reminding us that God was taking care of us. Sometimes

if it was storming, she would sing songs to us about "Peace in the Time of Trouble, Peace in the Midst of the Storm, Peace When the World was Raging, In the Shelter of His Arms." Other times during storms, she would want us to agree in prayer with her for the safety of her brothers, Ed and Johnny because they were KU men who had to be out in the storm when lines fell down.....she didn't have an easy life, but all who knew her felt a precious God-given calmness about her and knew she got her strength from her faith in God. That was probably the only time of day she had gotten any time to rest any, yet she chose a few minutes of quiet time to share what God could do if we trusted Him with us. It's strange how those memories of childhood as well as all those wonderful old hymns of childhood stand out in your memory as you are older with your own family and are going through your own tragedies, trials, and storms, and how The Word you learned through example and teaching will sustain you as they did your loved one during her times of trials and storms. It seems like so many people in my family and your family and many other families have been having major medical issues to deal with, grieving because of the loss of loved ones, and so many storms of life to deal with. I try to always pray when I see the needs that are shared and appreciate when people pray for the needs I share.

I am reminded of another song..."Through It All, Through It All,

I have learned to trust in Jesus, I have learned to trust in Him......"

By Helen Wilder​​

​Armistead "Armstead" BROOKS

Three Generations for Armistead Brooks.
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Ancestors Massengill

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