My Aunt Mary with her pet cat and my Aunt Sue in the skirt and sweater and cute curls with me beside Uncle Phillip's old I love both those ladies! I am definitely back in the fifties with them tonight. Even though they are my aunts, I grew up with them in the same house, and they are like sisters to me for sure.....this is to let them both know how special they are to me tonight and how much I love both of them.

By: Helen Wilder

Daniel Robertson & Vesta Paquin

Massengill Reunion June 2013 Middlesboro, Kentucky

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Some old Massengill photos.

Annie Morrison, widow of Johnny Morrison, with family members.

Massengill Reunion June 2010 Middlesboro, Kentucky

What a treasure I just found...a picture of my sweet grandma, Rachel Morrison Mullins, and my grandpa, James Landin Mullins, on their front porch where I grew up. Mary or Sue, what baby is this, because when the babies are in diapers without much hair, it is hard to tell who the baby is? One of you or Fred Yeary may have taken this photograph.

By: Helen Wilder

Annie Morrison and her family. Annie was the wife of my grandmother's brother Johnny Morrison, and was a precious person.

My Families History

Massengill, Nelson and Tolbert

Aunt Mary married Fred Yeary, son of Clifford Yeary when she was young and he was in the military. Mary lived in distant places when her children were born because she was a military wife. I love this photograph of her with her children with Grandma and Grandpa because we seldom got to see them all when the children were young, and it was a treat when they came home to visit. This is Grandma and Grandpa with Mary, Melanie Yeary, Benjamin Yeary, Andrea Yeary, and Jay Yeary.

By: Helen Wilder

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Daniel's Photography | Woodstock,Ga

This is my dear sweet Mommy, Ruby Lee Mullins, who was 43 when she passed away on April 28, 1971. I did not have her nearly long enough. If you knew my Momma, you knew a lady with an humble spirit who loved nursery rhymes and drinking tea while standing on the furnace getting warm, who loved me and all her nephews and nieces unconditionally, and she especially enjoyed James Carey, Sue's and Bill's baby who came along when I was away at college and helped her get through missing me. She was a gentle caring person who loved The Lord and who loved her family.

By Helen Wilder

This is my favorite treasure I found today while clearing through clutter. This is a photo of my husband and me eating watermelon with Jim Mullins, Charlie Mullins, Billy Carey, and Benjamin Yeary under the cherry tree in the yard at Grandma's house. It might have been on a 4th of July because that was when we usually ate watermelon and there were so many of us in the house that often a number of us would go outside. Melanie Yeary is also on the left side of the picture.

​By: Helen Wilder

My sweet grandparents, Rachel Morrison Mullins and James Landin grandma was my encouragement and inspiration growing up and was a most remarkable woman. My grandpa and his dad before him worked on the L&N Railroad and one thing about Grandpa was he believed in honesty and paying his bills. He also wanted his overalls ironed and his shirts ironed, and he wore overalls all the time. I could count on one hand the number of times he wore pants instead of overalls. My Grandma loved The Lord and her family, and all her children rose up to call her blessed.

By: Helen Wilder

Massengill Reunion June 2005 Middlesboro, Kentucky