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Massengill, Nelson and Tolbert


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Massengill Spellings:  Massengille, Massengile, Massengill, Massengil, Masingale, Masingalle, Masingall, Masingal, Masingille, Masingile, Masingil, Masengale, Masengalle, Masengall, Masengal, Masengille, Masengile, Masengil, Masengill, Morsingill, Massengal, Massengall,  Massengalle, Massengale, Massingil, Massingill, Massingile, Massingille, Massingal, Massingalle, Massingale, Massongill, Massongile, Massongille, Masongill, Masongale, Masongalle and Masongll. Let us know if there is other spelling.

The Family Surnames: Massengill (30+ spellings) Sharp, Puckett, Collins, Barns, Brooks, Bush, Harrison and others.

Welcome to our Massengill Family History Website. We created this special place on the Web to share our family history with you. We hope this site will enable family and friends, near and far, to stay connected. We look forward to sharing our genealogy, family news and precious memories with you for years to come! Feel free to contact us with any family history, reunion, births, deaths, marriages, pictures, events, recipes and your contact information.

Our Massengill Family is located in Claiborne County, Tennessee and other counties in Tennessee. Also located in Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina.

​Massengill Family History

Who any I?

​This old tin photo was sent to us by Jennifer Rookard. Jennifer's grandfather Maurice Rookard owned this photo. It hung in his home in a frame. Jennifer's dad thinks his father said the woman pictured is a Massengill, but is unsure. Does any one recognize this women if so please send information about her to